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Guide of Predictskill

Updated At 22.04.2019

Table Of Contents

  1. Arena
  2. Account and Hero
  3. Conclusion

The Arena

The main events of Predictskill world take a place in the arena. In this section you will learn more about in-game currency, bets and game regimes.


The main page of the arena display a list of e-sports matches previews, grouped by tournaments. And various filters to control the information.

Click on the announcement of the match to open detailed information about it, as well as the form of participation in the competition and other useful menus and sections.

Do not forget that the pages of finished and upcoming matches may contain different information. For example, the upcoming match displays the broadcast online, and the finished - a list of replays.

Points PTS

For active participation in the life of the community you earn points PTS. In the future, these points can be spent on the promotion of your account, support teams and various actions in the inventory.

Players are strictly forbidden to exchange, sell, or any other actions with PTS outside Predictskill world.


Сompetitions are the main way to gain experience and PTS points.

Find a suitable competition is not difficult, we hold them for each upcoming event.

And remember that in addition to virtual prizes you can get very real items from popular streamers and professional players. Read more about it in the competition block on the match page.


Your winnings depend on the level and attributes of your hero, as well as the parameters of the event. You can learn more about the formulas for calculating winnings in the following sections. However, we want to note that if the level of the hero is less than the level of the event, then you will receive only 20% of the total prizes.

Account And Hero

A hero is a key element of the world of PredictSkill. The majority of game aspects on the Arena depend on his experience, level and owned items.

Note that Predictskill has a zero tolerance to imposters and clones. So, you’d better not create duplicates of accounts or pretend to be another person.

Levels and Experience

Higher the hero level is more, higher the values of its main attributes are, that influence on the game parameters (read more in paragraph Attributes).

The hero level depends directly on the quantity of experience gained. The experience can be gained by participating competitions and special actions.


Participation in the competition with a prize of 100 EXP.

After the match is finished, the experience is calculated as follows. When:

  1. won - get 100XP.
  2. lost - gain only 10%. 10XP.


The hero has got four basic parameters, influencing on the game:.


Determines the rate of extra rewards.


Participation in the competition.

  1. Prize: 1000 PTS.
  2. Strength: 50.

In case of victory, you get all 1000 PTS, plus 100 PTS by the strength attribute.

Formula for obtaining additional PTS:

  1. Calculate 1% of the winning amount: 1000/100 = 10 PTS
  2. Calculate the ratio of the Strength: 50/10 * 2 = 10%
  3. Amount of additional PTS: 10 * 10 = 100 TCP.


It shows the maximum quantity of the competitions available for the player participation. The proportion is 1:1.


If Endurance is equal to 3, then the player cannot simultaneously participate in more than three active competitions.


The parameter influences on a chance of getting an item or items with winning bet. Each 1 point of Luck increases the chance on 0.1%.

  • The chance of getting the item on the event: 10%
  • Luck: 50

The chance to get the item if you win is 15%.

Inventory and Items

Items influence directly on hero parameters. You can get them by participating in competitions and special promotions.

Please, note, only worn items influence on hero parameters. Besides, items have other features you need to know about:

  1. Shelf life. Items with shelf life lose their features after expiry date, indicated on the page of the item.
  2. Extra features. Some items give a hero extra abilities, you can learn more about extra features of the item on its page.


If you have read up to this place, then you are familiar with the basic mechanisms of the world Predictskill and ready to play. GL HF!

This document can be changed without prior notice. You can always read the latest version of the document here: https://predictskill.com/content/guide.